The Eden Project Florilegium Society is made up of a group of botanical artists, illustrators and others interested in plant sciences, dedicated to documenting and recording the plants of The Eden Project and Cornwall.

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  • Lesson plan: How drawings could save your life

    Laura Silburn, Fellow of the Eden Project Florilegium Society, has worked with Rosie Corr, an Education Officer at Eden to create a lesson plan @edenproject for KS2 and KS3 on drawing leaves. Please read and share.

  • 3-Day workshop that anyone can join!

    The Location—the fantastic surroundings of the Eden Project Mediterranean Biome. The date—Fri 6th-8th October with two of our three tutors Ros Franklin, Mally Francis and Laura Silburn.

  • A new course for non-members and members!

    This is a unique NEW COURSE for this MAY. Create a beautiful clear botanical study page in three days. BOOK HERE: Eden box office 01726 811972 or email friends@edenproject.com

  • GET BOOKED: There’s a few places left for this March!

    This course aims to give you a thorough introduction to drawing and painting plants and combines our two previous introductions into one week-long course. BOOK HERE: Eden box office 01726 811972 or email friends@edenproject.com

  • New Workshops for everyone!

    We currently run courses for non-members in association with the Eden Project. If you are a member, please see our Events pages for specialist courses you can sign up to.