Painting Fritillary on Vellum

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Diane Sutherland

Diane’s much awaited workshop coincided with the loss of our treasured Mally which made it very difficult to focus on painting. However, in true Mally style we soldiered on painting our Fritillary meleagris and bluebells on Kelmscott Vellum.

Diane demonstrated just how robust Kelmscott is to paint on, a glass like surface but with the ability to gently wash off errors, dry and start again. An excellent surface for dried brushwork.

We were also supplied with an extremely useful colour mix chart of greens and browns. Diane advocated her preferred use of Colbalt blue mixed with lemon for greens and using Cerulean in highlights.

At the close of the two day workshop Diane thanked us for our efforts in the circumstances and commented on what a very special person Mally must have been to have such an affect on all who attended. The workshop was therefore dedicated with our love to her memory.