Kniphofia Painting List

Nu Genus species Cultivar AGM discription of flower colour flowering times
1 Kniphofia baurii Bees’ Sunset AGM golden yellow streaked with deep apricot May-July
2 Kniphofia Brimstone AGM
3 Kniphofia angustifolia Barton Fever AGM twarny buds open to apricot August – October
4 Kniphofia Incandesce AGM red flushed orange bud opening to apricot July- September
5 Kniphofia galpinii AGM slender orange June-August
6 Kniphofia Moonstone AGM cream June-August
7 Kniphofia bruceae Buttercup AGM golden yellow June – July
8 Kniphofia northiae AGM stumpy coral and cream April-June
9 Kniphofia Penny Rockets AGM bright red July-November
10 Kniphofia Samuels Sensation AGM red/orange July-September
11 Kniphofia Coral Flame AGM
12 Kniphofia ensifolia Fiery Fred AGM fiery red July – October
13 Kniphofia Primrose Upward AGM pale yellow May-July September-November
14 Kniphofia thomsonii var. thomsonii Stern’s Trip AGM pale orange mid summer -mid autumn
15 Kniphofia Royal Standard AGM red orange July-September
16 Kniphofia Wrexham Buttercup AGM bright yellow August
17 Kniphofia Rich Echoes AGM apricot yellow June-July September-October
18 Kniphofia Sunningdale Yellow AGM yellow June-August
19 Kniphofia Innocence AGM greeny browny cream striped July-September
20 Kniphofia Nobilis AGM orange Augs-September
21 Kniphofia Safranvogel AGM salmon cream June-July October-November
22 Kniphofia Tawny King AGM
23 Kniphofia Jonathan AGM
24 Kniphofia Timothy AGM salmon peach July September
25 Kniphofia Toffee Nosed AGM brownish orange fading to cream June-August
26 Kniphofia rooperi AGM orange yellow september-November
27 Kniphofia citrina Creamsicle soft orange June – November
28 Kniphofia Lemon Popsicle yellow June-October
29 Kniphofia Orange Vanilla Popsicle coral/cream June-October
30 Kniphofia Papaya popsicle orange red June-October
31 Kniphofia Pineapple Popsicle yellow June-October
32 Kniphofia Redhot Popsicle cinnamon red June-October
33 Kniphofia Mango Popsicle orange June-October
34 Kniphofia ensifolia First Sunrise bright orange summer-autumn
35 Kniphofia Jess’s Delight cream   deeper bronze buds July-September
36 Kniphofia multiflora November Glory yellow flowers from orange buds October- December
37 Kniphofia citrina Dingaan Bronze yellow July – August
38 Kniphofia albescens Alcazar red/orange June – August
39 Kniphofia Amazing Fun red with white skirt July-September
40 Kniphofia baurii Bees Lemon lemon with green tips July – September
41 Kniphofia baurii Border Ballet (SEED) cream to pink late summer to early autumn
42 Kniphofia Nancys Red deep coral red July-October
43 Kniphofia Yellow Cheer golden yellow late autumn early winter
44 Kniphofia Old Court Seedling orange June-July
45 Kniphofia drepanophylla Drummore Apricot Apricot June – August
46 Kniphofia drepanophylla Ember Glow – Tneg orange august-November
47 Kniphofia Elvira red June – September
48 Kniphofia galpinii Fire Glow – Tnfg red/orange August till frost
49 Kniphofia galpinii Goldelse pale golden yellow May- September
50 Kniphofia gracilis Green Jade green becoming cream late summer to early autumn
51 Kniphofia John Benary seaing wax red
52 Kniphofia Jenny Bloom cream from coral buds June-July
53 Kniphofia thomsonii Kichocheo soft apricot yellow August-November
54 Kniphofia albescens Amsterdam deep orange July- September
55 Kniphofia brachystachya Bressingham Comet yellow hanging to flame yellow August – October
56 Kniphofia Candy Apple shades of orange
57 Kniphofia ensifolia Flamenco yellow/orange/red
58 Kniphofia Luna rich yellow May-July August-December
59 Kniphofia Minister Verschuur Apricot June-July
60 Kniphofia Mermaiden pale green July-September
61 Kniphofia triangularis ssp. Triangularis Light of the World pale orange August-October
62 Kniphofia Little Maid cream June-November
63 Kniphofia Express deep orange/salmon red early flowering
64 Kniphofia Painted Lady cream flowers coral orange buds June-September
65 Kniphofia Star of Baden-baden greeny lemony gold April-June July-September
66 Kniphofia Tuckii muddy coral/yellow May-July
67 Kniphofia Primulina red and yellow
68 Kniphofia Percy’s Pride green fading to cream July-October
69 Kniphofia Vanilla pale yellow Jly-September
70 Kniphofia Yellow Hammer pure sulpur yellow June-September
71 Kniphofia Ice Queen green buds opening to pale yellow earlyto mid autumn
72 Kniphofia Limelight canary yellow early autumn
73 Kniphofia caulescens John May pink bud opening to coral flower October – November
74 Kniphofia caulescens Coral Breakers coral June – july
75 Kniphofia ensifolia Gladness Apricot June – July
76 Kniphofia citrina Cobra dark bronze budsopening to copper yellow July -September
77 Kniphofia Pfitzeri orange yellow August
78 Kniphofia citrina Dorset Sentry clear bright yellow July – October
79 Kniphofia Vesta dark yellow September
80 Kniphofia Tetbury torch apricot yellow August-September
81 Kniphofia Shining Sceptre yellow August
82 Kniphofia Red Rocket red June-August
83 Kniphofia Sherbert Lemon yellow July-Setember
84 Kniphofia hirsuta Traffic Light red yellow green
85 Kniphofia Strawberries and Cream cream flowers coral pink buds late summer – early autumn
86 Kniphofia Royal Castle orange, red, yellow June-August
87 Kniphofia gracilis Hen and Chickens pale greenish cream flowers August-October
88 Kniphofia galpinii Goldfinch green and golden yellow June-July
89 Kniphofia brachystachya Bressingham Sunbeam soft yellow-soft orange July – September
90 Kniphofia brachystachya Bressingham Yellow mid yellow
91 Kniphofia Champagne
92 Kniphofia Coral Sceptre
93 Kniphofia Start Early
94 Kniphofia Herzonii