The Eden Project Florilegium Society website was constructed using WordPress by Jeff Meadows. It uses a custom theme called ‘Eden’ which, in combination with a number of plugins, provides a front page slideshow, a series of gallery pages and an forthcoming events system.

The slideshow of images attached to the home page uses the jQuery Cycle Plugin and is added via a shortcode. The front page template also adds forthcoming events using code developed with the help of Florian Meyer, the developer of RS Events Multiday, a fork of Robert Sargant’s original RS Events.

The gallery system uses a legacy fork of Alex Rabe’s NextGen Gallery called Nextcellent Gallery with an additional plugin: NextGen Search Engine. The galleries are added to the four gallery pages using shortcodes and an ‘Image Page’ template adds the Search box. The Nextcellent Gallery template at /view/gallery-caption.php is modified  to show alttext instead of caption.

‘Images by Artist’ and ‘Images by Theme’ depend on the ‘nggtags’ shortcode and the plugin code has been modified so that titles can be shown with the thumbnails. A javascript function added to the header provides the scroll down feature. The page code for these two pages is rather complicated and must be edited carefully using the HTML editor.

Clicking on most of the images on the site will show a larger version using the Lightbox Plus plugin.

The Dynamic Widget Content plugin is used to provide a sidebar for the default page template.