Wet-in-Wet Tips and Techniques – workshop with Julia Trickey

Where: The Foundation Building, The Eden Project

Wet-in-wet is a watercolour technique used to create soft graduations. It is useful for petals where one colour gradually blends into another or when painting shiny leaves or to show form on fruit or vegetables. In fact it can be used at the beginning of any botanical painting. In this workshop we will look at the uses for wet-in-wet, explore the stages of this techniques and the issues to watch out for.

Julia has been painting botanical watercolours since 1998 when she joined an adult education class in South London. She now tutors classes in the beautiful, historic city of Bath as well as exhibiting regularly. She is drawn to specimens that are less than perfect such as autumn leaves, seed heads and fading flowers. She has work in collections worldwide including the RHS Lindley Library, the Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation and the Shirley Sherwood collection. She has won numerous awards for work including four RHS gold medals and the New York Botanical Garden Bronze medal. In 2014 her illustrations appeared on sixteen Royal Mail Post & Go British Flora stamps.

Your usual watercolour equipment and paper.
Please note that you might want to bring heavier weight paper or gummed pads or to pre-stretch some paper. This is to deal with the cockling associated with wet washes. I tend to use 140lb HP Arches stretched on a drawing board OR more recently I have used 300lb HP Fabrianon Artistico (high white). The latter is rather pricey for practising but if you have a few offcuts this is an ideal opportunity to use them. I have also recently discovered that the popular Fabriano Classico is not always so co-operative when it comes to this technique. Having said all that, bring what you have and I will make sure I have a few samples of different paper if there are any issues.

A couple of simple shiny leaves eg laurel, bay, ivy.

A piece of fruit or veg for practising wet-in-wet to show 3d form eg a pear, an apple with interesting markings, red onion, tomato etc. Or something more challenging if you prefer eg artichoke head.

I will bring some seasonal flowers with petals showing graduated colours eg pansies or primulas etc. Bring your own if you prefer.