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The Florilegium was the inspiration of Mally Francis FCPGFS, FEPFS who founded the Society in 2000, and was its Chairman from 2001 to 2012. Mally stepped down in January 2012, and was made Honorary Founder Chairman of the Society, and a Fellow of The Linnean Society in recognition of her contributions to world of Botanical Illustration and Botany.

The Society has grown over the years and includes more than 25 Painting Members, with approximately 100 paintings in its Archives.

Our current Chairman is Ros Franklin FEPFS who received a Diploma in Botanical Illustration from the English Gardening School in 2003. She joined the Florilegium in 2004 as a Painting Member, and was co-opted to join the committee in 2007.

Our current President is Jenny Brasier. Jenny took over from Phillip McMillan Browse in 2008, and has had a formidable career as a botanical illustrator. She has numerous gold medals for her work on both paper and vellum. Her paintings have been selected for inclusion in the Highgrove Florilegium, the Hunt Institute, and the Shirley Sherwood Collection. She has had numerous illustrations in publications throughout her career, and Jenny was a founder member of the Society of Botanical Artists. Jenny was awarded the Jill Smythies award for Botanical Illustration from The Linnean Society in 2002. Jenny also sits on the assessment panel for The Eden Project Florilegium Society.

Main Aims of the Society

  • The primary aim of the Society is to record the plants of The Eden Project and of Cornwall through the use of the traditional methods of botanical illustration, by observing and recording plants, in watercolour, pen & ink, and/or pencil. Herbarium specimens are also prepared, which accompany the illustrations.
  • The Society also aims to hold exhibitions of work held with in the Archives, to promote interest in the Society and in the plants of The Eden Project.
  • We also promote the affiliation between the Society and other Florilegium Societies and Botanic Gardens throughout the UK and abroad.


Approximately 100 paintings have been accepted into the Archives. These have all been scrutinized for botanical accuracy at an extremely high standard by our assessment panel, made up of two botanical illustrators of renown, Helen Allen and Sarah Gould, together with Chris Bissom, Horticultural Science Department at The Eden Project.


Eden Project
English Gardening School

Affiliated Societies

Chelsea Physic Garden Florilegium Society
Sheffield Botanic Garden Florilegium Society
Leicestershire Society of Botanical Illustrators