Painting Tulips with Billy Showell – the full article

Billy Showell held a well-attended two-day workshop at Eden to demonstrate her techniques in drawing and painting tulip flowers and leaves. Everyone attending was keen to try Billy’s wet-in-wet method of botanical painting, and during the two days Billy gave demonstrations, and lots of useful advice, interspersed with opportunities for those present to try things out using subjects of their choice. The workshop took place on 21st – 22nd April 2018 and has been written up in the Summer of 2018 by our newsletter co-ordinator – click here to read a full account of the workshop, which you can also print.


More Medals!

Catherine Day and Ros Franklin (Chairman of the Eden Project Florilegium) were awarded an RHS Silver Medal as part of their group’s themed exhibition entitled ‘Spots and Stripes’.