Since the Society was started we have always brought tutors, scientists and other experts to give workshops and talks to our members. These have included:

Rosemary Wise, Gren Lucus (Linnean Soc), Martin Allen, Colin Swinton, Jenny Brasier, Anne Marie Evans, Dr Martin Brown, Helen Allen, Christina Hart-Davies, Mariella Baldwin, Gillian Barlow, Tim Walker, Valerie Oxley, Sarah Gould, Keith Spurgin, Susan Hillier and Rosie Sanders.

The Society organises regular botany field trips and makes regular visits to Botanical Gardens and their archives. Past excursions include Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, Oxford Herbarium, Natural history Museum, Chelsea Physic Garden, National Garden Museum of Wales, Royal Botanic Gardens of Edinburgh, and the Botanic Gardens of Leicester and Cambridge.

Please note:  all workshops start at 10.00am in the Foundation Building at Eden UNLESS otherwise started. Please bring usual painting materials and a packed lunch.

All workshops need to be booked in advance, please contact Ann Paull      (

Forthcoming Events

Past Events

  •  Saturday 16th May 2020

    Sarah Morrish – Nature’s Detail

    The Sawpit Studio, Heligan
    Pen and ink workshop
    More details to follow

  •  Monday 27th April 2020 to Tuesday 28th April 2020

    Sarah Gould Two Day Workshop

    The Sawpit Studio, Heligan
    Painting on vellum
    Cost £75

  •  Saturday 25th April 2020 to Sunday 26th April 2020

    AGM and Assessment day

    Eden Foundation Building

  •  Saturday 4th April 2020

    Cornwall Garden Society Spring Flower Show

    Exhibition and sale of members work at Cornwall Garden Society Spring Flower Show at Royal Cornwall Show Ground, Wadebridge. More details to follow.

  •  Friday 6th December 2019

    EPFS Flori Xmas Canapes

    Rainbows End, Roche

  •  Sunday 17th November 2019

    Workshop with Laura Silburn

    Eden Project Mediterranean Biome
    Creating a Botany Sketchbook Page

  •  Saturday 2nd November 2019

    Visit to Kew

    Meet at Victoria Gate Entrance
    for A Retrospective of the Shirley Sherwood Art Collection

  •  Saturday 19th October 2019 to Sunday 20th October 2019

    Autumn colours in the Sawpit Studio

    A course for all abilities and for non members as well as members. Laura Silburn will teach you using a whole range of autumn colour from late flowering plants such as Cyclamen and Kaffir lilies to the rich colours of autumn leaves and harvest produce.

  •  Friday 4th October 2019 to Sunday 6th October 2019

    An Introduction to Botanical Painting with the Eden Project Florilegium Society

    This course is for non members and will be using the autumn harvest from the Mediterranean and wider site at Eden to give a thorough introduction to the techniques used in botanical art. Laura Silburn is leading the course.

  •  Sunday 29th September 2019

    All Members’ Painting Day

    A get together at the Sawpit Studio to learn Green mixes (using Dianne Sutherland Colour Chart)
    Voluntary £10 per member contribution to Charles Francis for use of space

  •  Saturday 14th September 2019 to Sunday 15th September 2019

    Things that Grow on Trees

    Another great two day workshop with Christina Hart-Davies at the Eden Project Foundation building.

  •  Saturday 8th June 2019

    Botany walk with Keith Spurgin

    Sylvia’s Meadow near Callington, full details nearer the time. Bring a picnic, there are no facilities its just an orchid meadow, so bring chair/blanket for sitting.

  •  Thursday 16th May 2019 to Friday 17th May 2019

    Sarah Morrish two-day workshop

  •  Friday 10th May 2019 to Sunday 12th May 2019

    Introduction to botanical painting

    Join Laura Silburn from The Eden Project Florilegium Society for a special three days at the Eden Project, where they will guide you through the techniques of graphite drawing and shading and how to turn this into a finished watercolour painting. Please note, you do not have to be an Eden Project Florilegium member to sign up to this workshop. Book here: the Eden Project

  •  Saturday 13th April 2019 to Sunday 14th April 2019

    Fritillary Workshop

    Join Dianne Sutherland for this two-day workshop at the Eden Project Foundation Building

  •  Friday 29th March 2019 to Sunday 31st March 2019

    Introduction to botanical illustration

    Join botanical artists from The Eden Project Florilegium Society for a special three days at the Eden Project, where they will guide you through the techniques of graphite drawing and shading and how to turn this into a finished illustration. You may also be interested in our Botanical painting course. Please note, you do not have to be an Eden Project Florilegium member to sign up to this workshop. Visit the Eden Project botanical site to learn more and to book.

  •  Saturday 16th March 2019

    Eden Project Florilegium AGM

  •  Friday 9th November 2018 to Sunday 11th November 2018

    Intro to Botanical Painting at the Eden Project – GET BOOKED!

    • Three-day course
    • 9-11 Nov 2018
    • Taught at Eden Project
  •  Saturday 3rd November 2018

    Fern Workshop

    Learn about Ferns with Laura Silburn on this one-day workshop.

  •  Saturday 16th June 2018 10:00am

    Annual Botany Walk

    For 2018 we will walk with Keith Spurgin at Redmoor or Marazion. We will confirm the details soon.

  •  Saturday 26th May 2018

    Launch of The ‘Flori Book’

    ‘A coming of Age’ Celebrating 18 Years of Botanical Paintings by The Eden Project Florilegium Society. An important date for the diary–full details will follow in the early Spring.

  •  Friday 11th May 2018 10:00am

    Trip to RHS Wisley

    This annual trip to an area outside of Cornwall will be hosted by Professor Alistair Griffiths.

  •  Friday 4th May 2018 to Sunday 6th May 2018

    Learn Botanical Illustration at the Eden Project

    Learn to create beautiful botanical illustrations in this three-day course set in the rich surroundings of the Eden Project.

  •  Saturday 21st April 2018 to Sunday 22nd April 2018

    Billy Showell Workshop

    Don’t miss this two-day event! More details to follow.

  •  Sunday 18th March 2018

    Assessment Day

    New work for the 2018 archive should be submitted by this date.

  •  Saturday 17th March 2018 10:00am


    AGM and Visit to new Eden Invisible Worlds Exhibition. Full details to follow.

  •  Friday 16th March 2018 10:00am

    Cornish Garden Visit

    Our annual visit to one of Cornwall’s great gardens–meet at Trewithen Gardens, 10.30am.

  •  Saturday 24th February 2018 10:00am

    Painting Leaves

    A one-day workshop with Gillian Barlow.

  •  Saturday 11th November 2017 10:00am

    Christina Hart-Davies – Painting Lichen

    A 1-day painting workshop at Eden

  •  Saturday 28th October 2017 10:00am

    Visit to the Shirley Shirwood Gallery

    Seeds, Pods and Autumn Fruits at the Shirley Shirwood Gallery.

  •  Saturday 14th October 2017 10:00am

    Mally Francis – Drawing Trees

    A 1 day workshop in Mally’s delightful studio at Heligan

  •  Friday 6th October 2017 to Sunday 8th October 2017

    A 3-Day Introduction to Botanical Illustration

    Our introductory course focuses on botanical drawing from accurate line drawing to shading to create form. The course includes a half-day of botanical study.

  •  Saturday 23rd September 2017 10:00am

    Anne Bebbington – Looking at flowers in detail

    Botany workshop including dissections, half flowers, pollination mechanisms and the use of scale bars.

  •  Friday 12th May 2017 to Sunday 14th May 2017

    Preparing a Botanical Study Page

    This new course will go through everything you need to record to create a botanical study page.

  •  Monday 27th March 2017

    A Complete Introduction to Botanical Drawing and Painting

    You don’t have to be a Flori member to join this course. It aims to give you a thorough introduction to drawing and painting plants and combines our two previous introductions into one week-long course

  •  Saturday 25th March 2017 10:00am

    Helen Allen, Twigs, bursting buds and tender shoots

    A 1 day painting workshop at Eden

  •  Saturday 18th March 2017 10:00am

    AGM with Plant Records Scientist at Eden Project

    Chris Bisson is giving a talk after lunch called ‘From Mighty Oaks. Using new scientific methods to propagate ancient trees’.

  •  Friday 10th March 2017 10:45am

    Caerhays Castle and Gardens

    A trip to see the National Collections of Magnolias.

  •  Saturday 12th November 2016

    Sue Vize Workshop

    Seed Pods, Pine Cones etc in Graphite

  •  Saturday 24th September 2016

    Herbarium Half Day

    Join us for some Keith Spurgin Herbarium training as well as a talk on ‘The Development of Botanical Art’.

  •  Saturday 9th July 2016

    Working in Gouache

    This workshop is run by Simon Williams.

  •  Saturday 11th June 2016

    Botany walk with Keith Spurgin

    Learn about the plants in this Country Park with Cornish grade 1 listed gardens

  •  Saturday 16th April 2016

    Applying the Paint

    Sorry, the Martin Allen Workshop has been CANCELLED

  •  Monday 21st March 2016

    AGM and Handing-in-day

    A chance for all members to meet and to learn from the amazing botanist that is John Akeroyd.

  •  Saturday 3rd October 2015

    Autumn fruits and Berries

    Workshop with Christina Hart-Davies

  •  Saturday 11th July 2015

    The edible garden

    Coloured pencil workshop with Susan Christopher Coulson

  •  Saturday 13th June 2015

    Botany walk near St Buryan with Keith Spurgin

    Botany walk near St Buryan with Keith Spurgin and visit to Penlee House.

  •  Tuesday 12th May 2015 to Wednesday 13th May 2015

    Annual trip to a botanic garden: Tresco Gardens tour, Isles of Scilly

    Visit the Isles of Scilly for a Tresco Gardens tour and a guided wild flower walk on St Mary’s.

  •  Saturday 28th March 2015 10:00am

    Wet-in-Wet Tips and Techniques – workshop with Julia Trickey

    Julia has been painting botanical watercolours since 1998 when she joined an adult education class in South London. She now tutors classes in the beautiful, historic city of Bath as well as exhibiting regularly. In this workshop we will look at the uses for wet-in-wet, explore the stages of this techniques and the issues to watch out for.

  •  Friday 13th March 2015 10:00am

    New Botanical Painting Course

    Your chance to learn how to paint at the Eden Project. Book Now! If you are interested in booking a place on a future course, please email or phone +44 (0)1726 811932.

  •  Saturday 15th November 2014

    Linda Hampson, Colour Penciled Workshop

    Cost £25
    Details to follow

  •  Tuesday 21st October 2014

    Kew Trip

    Potentially this trip could coincide with Autumn RHS Botanical Art Show
    Details to follow

  •  Saturday 20th September 2014

    Painting Fungi with Claire Dalby

    Cost: £25
    Details to follow

  •  Saturday 6th September 2014

    Herbarium Workshop

    Keith Spurgin guides us through pressing our specimens
    Followed by painting day
    Details to follow

  •  Sunday 15th June 2014

    Botany Walk on Dunes

    Keith Spurgin takes us on another eye-opening walk
    Details to follow

  •  Thursday 8th May 2014

    Oxford Botanic Gardens Trip

    To coincide with Malvern Show
    Details to follow

  •  Saturday 15th March 2014

    Gael Sellwood Workshop

    A 2-day workshop on Spring compositions
    Cost: £25
    Location: Eden Foundation Building
    Booking essential

  •  Thursday 16th January 2014 11:30am

    AGM and Handing-in Day

    The AGM is for members only and will be followed by a talk from Chris Bisson.
    Location: Eden Project Foundation Building, […]

  •  Saturday 21st September 2013

    Susan Hillier: Painting Day at Watering Lane Nursery

  •  Saturday 31st August 2013

    Annual Trip to Kew & Rory McEwen Exhibition in The Shirley Sherwood Gallery

  •  Saturday 3rd August 2013

    Herbarium Workshop and Painting Day

    This day is with Keith Spurgin and will be held at the Foundation Building, Eden.

  •  Sunday 28th July 2013

    Keith Spurgin Botanical Walk at Upton Towans and Loggans Moor

    Upton Towans are stabilised dunes in a post industrial landscape with lovely seaward views. If there is time we can also visit Loggans Moor – a nature reserve – parts of which are wetland; so as usual suitable clothing and footwear should be worn.

  •  Saturday 27th April 2013 to Sunday 28th April 2013

    Siriol Sherlock workshop at Heligan Gardens

    A two-day outdoor workshop at Heligan (weather permitting) (£25 per day, priority will be given to those booking both days)

  •  Monday 7th January 2013

    AGM and handing-in day 2013

    Rosie Sanders as after lunch speaker, details to follow.
    Assessment day will follow on Tuesday 8th Jan. As usual Jenny Brasier, […]

  •  Saturday 3rd November 2012

    Shirley Sherwood Gallery Visit

    The Society’s annual visit to the Shirley Sherwood Botanical Art Gallery at Kew will this year be taking place on Saturday the 3rd November. All members welcome, to meet at the gallery itself. This is a fantastic opportunity to view some of the best botanical artwork in the world and discuss it with other artists.
    See more about the gallery here:

  •  Friday 5th October 2012 to Sunday 7th October 2012

    Eden Botanical Courses: An introduction to botanical drawing and illustration

    Join our horticulture team and the Eden Florilegium in a weekend of botanical painting at the Eden Project. Our experienced […]

  •  Saturday 1st September 2012 to Sunday 2nd September 2012

    Botany for Botanical Artists 2 day workshop

    with Dr Anne Bebbington Cost £50

  •  Sunday 24th June 2012

    Botany walk on Goss Moor Reserve with Keith Spurgin

    We are meeting for a 10.30 a.m. start at the […]

  •  Saturday 9th June 2012

    Painting on Vellum with Sarah Gould

    with Sarah Gould Cost £25 Vellum for sale on day

  •  Tuesday 15th May 2012 to Thursday 17th May 2012

    Leicester Trip

    Botanic Gardens, Leicester Botanical Painting Society and Belgrave Hall

  •  Saturday 31st March 2012 to Sunday 15th April 2012

    Freaky Nature Exhibition

    Easter School Holidays
    Florilegium images will be on show as part of the ‘Freaky Nature’ exhibit in the main arena at […]

  •  Saturday 10th March 2012

    Susan Hillier Workshop – Painting Orchids

    Please bring an Orchid. (cost £25)

  •  Tuesday 10th January 2012

    Assessment Day

    Jenny Brasier, Sarah Gould and Alistair Griffiths will be assessing this year’s submissions.

  •  Monday 9th January 2012


    Our speaker will be Alistair Griffiths who will take us on a tour of the biomes in the afternoon.